Wednesday, 24 January 2018

LUF828 - January 2018

One job which has been ongoing for some considerable time, but is now happily moving forward nicely, is the refurbishment of the drive mechanism for the 'sunshine roof' - a part of the roof which can be slid open via a chain driven mechanism and electric motor.

Just about everything that you can see in this picture was falling or had fallen to bits. The drive shaft coming in from above, rotates on a small bearing through a 90 degree knuckle. The bearing had collapsed and an enormous amount of time was spent identifying and replacing it. The drive chain going off to the left was barely recognisable. However, enough remained to inform us that it was effectively obsolete. After much searching, one of our team discovered a gentleman with some old stock which he was willing to let us purchase. The whole contraption was reassembled and the result most gratifying.