Friday, 30 June 2017

972CUF - June 2017 update

It's been a little while since we told you about progress with returning this vehicle to active service. Not being one of our regular traffic vehicles, 972 has to take a back seat whilst more important jobs are tackled. This doesn't mean things aren't moving forward. At the present time, the entrance doors have been removed as part of the entrance step renewal reported here last July. Incidentally, the new steps are seen here in the process of being finished off

At the same time, the platform has been stripped of its old floor covering and the floorboards treated.

The new green 'Treadmaster' floor covering has been cut out to the correct size and is seen here upside-down, being glued for laying.

The ceiling panels over the platform area have also been removed and are presently being stripped down and repainted. The bare platform ceiling area can be seen here, with upper saloon supports exposed.

Meanwhile, the entrance doors themselves have been stripped down and are being repainted. More on this story as reassembly progresses.