Wednesday, 31 May 2017

PUF161H - May 2017

The restoration of the boot and back end of the vehicle continues, with good progress being made. As can be seen here, the new steel frame which surrounds the entrance  to the luggage boot and onto which the external panels are fixed is being replaced. The two vertical steel pillars either side of the boot aperture are critical as the door hinges are fixed at these points.

From inside the boot itself, the complex arrangements of stress panels and fixing points can be seen. Once all the rebuilding work has been completed, the boot will be painted in the standard Southdown brown paint used in such areas.

There is quite a bit of wiring in this area, mainly for the rear light cluster, but also for ancillaries such as rear door warning circuits and reversing horn. The cat's cradle can be seen here, as original. This whole mess will be rewired as soon as the surrounding structural work is complete.

Monday, 29 May 2017

HCD350 - May 2017

It lives! After several months rebuilding and reconditioning, our Panoramic PD3's new engine recently ran for the very first time. The bus has since passed its MOT and is performing faultlessly on weddings and other duties.