Friday, 14 April 2017

406DCD - April 2017

Now that Spring is here, our resident open top bus has been brought out of store ready for the coming season. Routine maintenance aside, the chance has been taken to tackle one or two other jobs which will go a long way towards preventing a failure later.

The metal and rubber bushes which drive the alternator have been replaced with new ones fabricated by a firm in Sayers Common in Sussex. The associated adjuster and fan belts were also renewed. Once the cab floor was refitted after this job, a nice new leather gaiter was installed around the base of the gear change.

The front road springs were those originally fitted to sister vehicle 974CUF (long since broken-up for spares), and are due for replacement. New springs have been specially made and fitted. Below, the near-side old and new can be seen side by side; final adjustments are being made to the new one with a hand grinder.

And seen here after fitting. By the way, the silver linkage seen to the top right of the picture is part of the front near-side engine support bracket, a closer view of which can be seen below.

The top and bottom link have special rubber bushes fitted and these were showing signs of old age, so the engine was supported by jacks and the links taken down - see below.

These are the links after being cleaned-up and painted. A selection of new rubber bushes (left) can be seen against the old (right). The final picture shows the linkages reassembled and job complete.