Thursday, 19 January 2017

HCD350E - January 2017

Besides the continuing restoration work to our DP Leopard PUF161H, this winter has seen our attention turn to resolving several issues with the 1967 'Panoramic' PD3 HCD350E. The November blog described work to change the king pins and this month we've turned our attention to exchanging the engine with one already rebuilt, (see September 2016 and other previous blogs). At the other end of the bus, work is taking place to replace life-expired panels and fixings.

Seen here, the engine is stripped down in-situ and then removed complete with gearbox.

The gearbox, clutch and various other small parts will be removed and fitted to the waiting new engine. Meanwhile, these are some views of the stripped down rear end. New panels are now being made, as are replacement timber and fabricated steel sections.