Wednesday, 26 October 2016

PUF161H - October 2016

Restoration of our 1969 dual-purpose Leyland PSU3 Leopard has restarted after the summer lull necessitated by operating season commitments. Attention has turned to replacing the floor. Some readers may recall that these vehicles 'leaked like sieves' during their service with Southdown decades ago, (something we will address further along the restoration process) and as a result the floors were prone to rot. Our bus was no exception - this photo is typical of the damage.

Starting from the front entrance and moving towards the rear, we are systematically replacing each section with new marine-quality ply. The old floor is lifted out, supporting beams examined and repaired and new boards fitted. Eventually, a new green 'Treadmaster' covering will be laid. These photographs show the front wheel arch area stripped to basics.

The new plywood sheets have been cut to size for the relevant parts of the bus and the under-sides have received an arm-aching primer coat of paint: some sheets are 4 feet by 8 feet! The process was then repeated with a grey sealer coat - some of the prepared boards are seen here. More as progress is made.