Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Workshop matters - July 2016

Keeping a small fleet of vintage vehicles in tip-top condition requires good maintenance facilities and equipment. The latest 'additions to the fleet' as it were, are two brand new state of the art 15 tonne Tangye jacks. Standing at about 10 inches, these replace the last of the vintage 'bottle' jacks which have given many years sterling service, but sadly are now past their useful life: the cost of servicing and repair being prohibitive. 

Tangye is an English firm which started business in 1856. In 1858, they produced the hydraulic rams which launched the SS Great Eastern. Tangye said of the project: We launched the Great Eastern and she launched us. Hydraulic equipment is still being produced today in Accrington and these new jacks join our 20 tonne equipment made by the same firm. New and previous generation jacks are seen here together.