Saturday, 23 July 2016

2722CD - July 2016

Much has happened since the last update in March: the vehicle is being reseated to its original configuration of 28 reclining, luxury Chapman seats to a 2+1 layout. The last report told of the installation of the new floor being mostly complete and ancillary objects such as heaters being fitted. A successful trial fitting of a seat frame meant that painting of the many parts which make up each seat could go ahead. Combined, there were nearly 300 individual items to paint. This was a long process and items were batched so as to create enough space for drying. Parts are seen awaiting brown top coat, whilst those already coated are hanging up to dry.

Each part was then inspected for quality control prior to the painstaking task of assembly. The first of the double seat frames can be seen here during assembly.

Once assembled, each frame was fitted in its final position inside the vehicle. These views show some of the single frames in position awaiting their backs and bases, now due for delivery this month.