Monday, 29 February 2016

PUF161H - February 2016

Following on from the restoration work around the foot-well (pedal area) shown last month, attention turned to the driver's seat area. The intention was to follow the same process for the foot-well, however the plywood floor showed evidence of rot so out it came. Once removed, the opportunity was taken to check and paint the steel supporting frame.

A new piece of ply was cut to shape and fitted; traditional, green 'Treadmaster' flooring was laid using contact adhesive. Weights are placed on top whilst the glue cures overnight.

Once the weights were removed, the floor was sealed and polished aluminium treads fitted.

The driver's seat, seen in the last report stripped down to bare metal, has had its mechanism refurbished and steelwork primed and painted. The base has now been re-fitted into the cab; the seat will be re-trimmed with new leather later as the project progresses.