Monday, 9 November 2015

HCD350E - November 2015

Further to the report filed on this Blog in January and following a summer hiatus, work has recommenced on reconditioning an engine for this bus. As previously reported, the first engine selected (from scrap sister vehicle HCD363E) was found to be damaged and has subsequently been stripped down for spares and the carcass scrapped. A second block, previously discarded many years ago from HCD347E, was found the be usable but required a lot of work to bring it back to life. However, we decided that this work should go ahead and during the summer a set of liners and pistons were obtained and the block sent away for skimming. The top surface, to which the cylinder heads bolt, is now perfectly flat and free of pitting; the block is seen here, painted and ready for reassembly.

Meanwhile, a gearbox (Leyland type GB124 but rebuilt as a GB112) previously fitted to 972CUF has been refurbished and now awaits fitting during the next few weeks.