Sunday, 27 September 2015

PUF161H - September 2015

Various restoration tasks have been completed, including refurbishment of the saloon heater matrices and heat exchange boxes. Here, one of the matrices is seen under leak test.

The heat exchange boxes sit under the saloon floor. A fan draws air from the outside, passing it through a heater matrix where it is warmed before entering the passenger saloon. Below are several pictures taken of one of the restored boxes.

A new fuel tank has been fabricated from stainless steel, as seen here.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Southdown antimacassar find

Recently, we were delighted to be offered around 200 original Southdown coach antimacassars - head rest covers which protect the seating material and add a pleasing look to the inside. When we restored 1749, we commissioned reproductions which, whilst of excellent quality, proved very costly. With an eye to the forthcoming re-seating of coach 1722 this winter, and future requirements for coach 1828, this acquisition couldn't have come at a better time. They were even delivered in their original laundry box!

A taster of the future seating in 1722: here our reproduction antimacassars really look the part in Harrington coach 1749. It will be great to see original items back in use. We would like to thank the generous well-wishers who helped us to secure these original Southdown items. It's amazing what's in people's lofts!

LUF828 - September 2015

Restoration of individual items quietly progresses in the background, resulting in some amazing transformations. One such example is the front interior panel which curves under the windscreen on the kerb side. The first photograph shows this panel after removal, but with the lamp inspection hatch already restored in the seating fabric which will adorn the interior side panels; the rest of the panel is in a diabolical state. The aluminium section is the kick-plate which goes at floor level.

The same panel after restoration. The rest of the lining material will be fitted after the panel has been fixed into place. A close up of the chrome plated ash tray is below.