Sunday, 1 March 2015

PUF161H - March 2015

Restoration work continues on rebuilding the front of the vehicle.

It's often the case that restoring smaller items takes up most time. One such is the demister system, used for providing heat to the cab area and clearing the windscreen of condensation. Air is drawn in through a grill in the front of the bus by an electric fan, which in turn forces the air along a 4 inch flexible pipe to a matrix box: a steel case containing a small hot water radiator through with the air passes. The warmed air is then distributed through a series of hoses to where it is required. Until the system is working satisfactorily, the main front panels cannot be fitted to the vehicle.

Seen hanging-up to dry after having been painted, are disassembled parts of the matrix box. Below this is the reconstructed 'Smiths' fan unit. The final picture is of the fan fitted back in position.