Wednesday, 26 November 2014

PUF161H - November 2014

Chassis restoration is moving-on well. The engine has been rebuilt and turned over without fuel, so as to ensure the oil-pump is circulating oil correctly. The next step will be to add fuel and fire-up the engine. Assuming this is satisfactory. the gearbox and prop-shaft will be fitted and the vehicle extracted from its current long-term storage position and moved to the main workshop.

The first picture is of the engine viewed form above. New injector pipes and starter motor can be seen. The second picture is of the reconditioned DPA injector pump and compressor.

Two views of the refurbished clutch. The gearbox will be fitted next (a refurbished GB148).

The front (top) and rear (below) near-side wheel hubs almost completed.

A general view of the chassis looking towards the rear axle. The main brake-cam has just been re-fitted in the middle of the picture.

A taste of what is to come. A lot of work will be required on the body after the chassis refurbishment is complete, as can be seen here in this view of the rear of the bus. Some of the interior lighting is switched on to determine the extent of the likely electrical repairs.

27222CD - November 2014

Coach 1722 has had its compressor reconditioned; needless to say, a compressor in good working order is essential. Besides providing sufficient air to power the air-brakes, the compressor on this type of vehicle also supplies the air-assisted suspension. A system of valves and storage tanks regulates the air so that the braking system always takes priority over the suspension. The rebuilt compressor is seen fitted to the engine.