Sunday, 19 October 2014

954CUF - October 2104

A programme of propeller-shaft overhaul was recently started on our fleet of PD3 double deck buses; 954CUF being the first to benefit. There are two shafts on each bus between the gearbox near the front of the chassis and the rear axle, supported in the middle by a self-centering bearing within a fixed housing. To allow for flex, three universal joints are fitted.

To reduce the off-road time to the traffic fleet, spare shafts previously obtained from scrap vehicles were refurbished and then swapped over. This involved removing old universal joints and bearings, inspection, repainting and fitting of new joints and middle bearings. The latter was complicated by the old bearings within the fixed housing not wishing to come out!

Seen here is a brand new universal joint and then again once fitted to the refurbished shaft.

The middle bearing housing is seen here dismantled. Below, the end of the propeller-shaft has been stripped down, old bearing removed and is seen waiting the new components.

Already, the new shafts have proven very reliable in service.

243YUR - October 2014

A recent visit to our workshop site was this fine Rolls Royce. The owner popped by for some advice on rebuilding work and very welcome both he and the car were too. We did suggest he might like to leave it behind for use as a new staff car!