Sunday, 7 September 2014

LUF828 - Passenger door rebuild

Following on from the story in March showing the sliding passenger door stripped down for rebuild, the following series of photographs show the painstaking work which followed. The lower part of the frame was quite rotten as can be seen in the first picture and a new frame had to be constructed.

The internal aluminum panel which covers the lower frame was originally scumbled and over the years had become quite battered (first picture below). Scumbling is a highly skilled technique using lacquer/glaze and combs to simulate wood effect on metal; the senior craftsman involved in this job having many years experience of this type of work. A base coat is applied (middle picture) followed by glaze which is combed through. The final effect is very pleasing.

The top mouldings were also scumbled after repair; the lighter effect achieved by using a different colour base coat. The whole thing is finished with a square of seat moquette.