Tuesday, 29 July 2014

2722CD - re-seating project

As with car 1749 (below), 1722 was fitted with 28 luxurious Chapman style reclining seats in 2 & 1 configuration when new in 1961. Whilst 1749's seats are green, 1722's would have been in the more traditional brown.

One of our long term aspirations has been to re-seat 1722 as originally built, and this project has now commenced. The first job has been to dismantle a set of frames donated to us several years ago. Not only do the frames require modification as they are not wide enough, several castings are missing and will have to be re-cast from molten aluminum. Those parts which are immediately recoverable are being cleaned and primed in oxide primer and pictures of this work will follow. The two pictures here show the old frames coming apart