Saturday, 1 March 2014

LUF828 - March 2014

Since the previous update last September, much progress has been made with the repair and restoration of internal components, but nothing could have prepared us for the discovery we made whilst stripping down the sliding passenger door which requires rebuilding due to rot.

You will see the wood, which will be replaced, is in poor condition, but you may also have noticed floral seat material in the top of the picture. The is exactly the moquette carried when the coach was brand new, and the coach builder have used off-cuts to line the internal panels to help prevent drumming whilst the vehicle was in motion. This is an amazing find, as the only other example we have is a small slither in poor condition. Quite a haul as can be seen....

Other work has included renovation of the interior light units. They were in terrible condition, but have been stripped down and restored to a high standard.

Also, the wooden interior mouldings around the rear windows have been renewed; a huge task considering they are made from layers of ply, curved and glued into position over several days and then painstakingly varnished. One of the pieces can be seen below. To give some idea of scale, the section is about three feet in length.