Tuesday, 14 May 2013

416DCD - May 2013 visit

416DCD is a Northern Counties bodied Leyland PD3/4 from 1964 and from the same batch of 25 vehicles new to Southdown Motor Services as our own 406DCD. We are always happy to help other owners; in this case 416 called in recently with electrical issues, now happily some way towards being resolved. It is always nice to see other vehicles and their owners and both were very welcome.

Friday, 10 May 2013

LUF828 - Spring 2013 update

We are lucky to have obtained the help of another supporter of this vehicle who has kindly taken on the enormous task of stripping away years of dirt and discolouration, repairing, staining and sealing the wooden interior mouldings prior to applying several coats of fresh varnish. The process takes several weeks and has to be done in batches due to the huge number of items. After completion, each moulding is carefully packed away ready for fitting at a later date. Some idea of the process can be obtained by following the pictures; a true story of rags to riches!

The process of cleaning the mouldings.

The stripped down pieces laid out to dry and ready for staining.

The varnish process under way. Each piece receives 3, 4 or sometimes even 5 coats.

A finished moulding, with roof blind guide fitted, gleams in the sun. Compare this to picture number three above.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

972CUF - Phase 1: May 2013

Further pictures of the rebuilding of this vehicle's engine. The gearbox has been split off and put in store for future rebuild; a previously renovated gearbox will be substituted later. Here, the stripped-down engine stands on supports. The next stage will be to remove pistons and liners.

 One of the brand new pistons which is to be fitted.

Meanwhile, the bus's engine compartment has been steam cleaned and silvered. 'Before and after' photos. More updates will follow.