Monday, 1 April 2013

HCD350E - Winter 2012/3 floor renewal

Following on from the renewal of the upper saloon floor area above the cab completed last year (seen in the photograph below), this winter the remaining area has been repaired and renewed.

Once the bus finished its work for the season at the end of October 2012, the seats were removed and and a start made on lifting the old 'Treadmaster' rubberised cork floor covering. Seen below before the seats were removed and after.


Once the seats were removed and the old floor covering lifted, the task of carrying out repairs was undertaken. The following two pictures show new timber sections inserted into the existing floor.

While the seat frames were out they were cleaned, inspected and repainted. The first picture shows some in undercoat, whilst the second shows frames hung to dry after receiving their top coat.

Here, the new Treadmaster floor covering has been fitted and is receiving sealer polish.

The seats are refitted and the finished job is seen below.