Friday, 16 November 2012

PUF161H - November 2012

We've recently had an opportunity to allocate time and funds towards carrying out some preparatory work to this vehicle, as it is hoped that full restoration will start in earnest in 2013. As a prelude to the work which will eventually be required on the chassis, we have removed and dismantled the gearbox, a Leyland type GB148, for refurbishment. On inspection, it was found to be in quite good condition and so will be reassembled with new bearings and seals. The dismantled gearbox is seen during inspection.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

23 ACD - November 2012 visit

23 ACD is a 1962 Leyland PD2/37 new to Brighton Corporation. It has a Weymann Orion 64 seat body. The vehicle is believed to be Britain's first double deck one-man-operation bus,  (converted in June 1966), though was not ideally suited to the role with the driver having to turn to serve passengers through a small window behind him.

Vehicle  and owner visited us on Friday 9th November.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

406DCD - November 2012

We have recently completely rebuilt several Leyland gearboxes for use in our fleet of vintage buses. Here, the old Leyland type GB112 gearbox fitted to bus number 406 is seen inside the vehicle from above. It has been disconnected and is about to be lowered into the pit below.

The gearbox referred to in the caption above is seen after lowering at the back of the pit, with the new reconditioned unit to the fore ready for lifting.

 A closer view of the reconditioned type 112 gearbox.

And finally, the new unit in position fitted to the bus ready for testing.