Sunday, 13 May 2012

406DCD - 2008 in retrospect

406 is a Leyland Titan PD3 with Northern Counties bodywork and was built in 1964 as one of a batch of 25 convertible open/closed-top vehicles - the detachable roof making this is a particularly unusual vehicle. This bus, the first in our collection, was bought by us back in 1988 from its original owner Southdown Motor Services. Since then, we have carried out a constant restoration and refurbishment process.

This is a retrospective report of the work carried out to the top deck of the bus in early 2008. At that time the linoleum floor covering was showing signs of wear and had started to leak water; not a good idea on an open-top bus! The first thing to do was to remove the seating.

Once the seats were out of the way, the old floor covering could be removed and minor repairs to the plywood floor and aluminium cove panels completed.

The the new linoleum was laid out and cut to size.

Once this had been laid and the floor treads added, the seating could be installed.

Later in the same year, the staircase was rebuilt and the platform repaired and recovered. The view here is looking from the upper saloon down the staircase with just the steel supports showing.

The same view after the refurbishment.

The platform stripped down.

And again, after the refurbishment.