Saturday, 8 April 2017

PUF161H - April 2017

With the majority of the saloon floor renewal (and much of the steel supporting frame repairs) completed, attention has turned to the luggage boot. This was pretty rotten to say the least: the steel supports, wooden floor and surrounding stress panels all required complete renewal. Here, the floor, back wall and near-side stress panel have been removed.

The first piece of new material was the back wall, (next to the rear axle - seen above in yellow primer), and again below from the off-side - it was fed in from here, which is why part of the old stress panel has been cut away.

Next to come out were the rotten steel floor supports. These also act as cross-members between the vehicle sides, there being no chassis at this point. The replacements made up quite a considerable order from the steel merchants, some of which can be seen recently fitted in the two pictures below. In the lower one, the new near-side stress panel can also be seen top middle - the back wall is to the right.

The most recent progress at time of writing is the part installation of the floor (below). This is painted brown and will eventually be finished with varnished slats (on which the luggage slid). These have yet to be made; again, the originals were rotten. The final picture shows the new against the old: the body-side stress panels will eventually join to the newly fabricated rear corners. This picture just shows what a difference can achieved.